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The Office of the Superintendent of Instruction (OSPI) defines bullying as “repeated negative behavior toward a less powerful person. Hitting, name-calling, shunning, and shaming are all forms of bullying. Spreading rumors, gossiping and making threats online are also forms of bullying.”

FWHS takes a multifaceted approach toward the prevention of bullying and harassment. As much as possible we are proactive in educating students about what constitutes bullying. In addition, we educate students on appropriate conflict resolution strategies.

HIB Assembly

This year the leadership team put together a small group assembly that was presented to all students. Students defined important terms, explained school policy, acted out scenarios, and shared personal stories.  

Individual guidance

We discuss bullying prevention and protocol with every new student we enroll. In addition, we do peer mediations with students as bullying/harassment incidents occur. We also keep up to date with the current research and best practices. We communicate this to staff, students, and families through class presentations, email, and our website.