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Vision Statement

Federal Way High School is committed to providing exemplary support designed to reach the whole child so that he/she may be a productive member of their community. Scholars are nurtured in their abilities to achieve at the highest levels by encouraging involvement of all stakeholders to work in partnership in order to contribute to scholar’s academic achievement. Through the lifelong learning skills acquired, scholars will continue to explore their intellectual, artistic, technological, physical, social, and character development.

Mission Statement

The mission of Federal Way High School Counselors are, through a comprehensive counseling program, to nurture and advocate for the lifelong learning and equity of every scholar.  We address the academic, behavioral, and social emotional needs of our scholars through motivation, encouragement, and problem-solving solutions.

Counselor Contact Information

Student Last Name A-Da

Alanna Brookbank


Student Last Name Mu-Sa

Aleesha Ramirez


Student Last Name De-Je & AVID

Brad Smith


Student Last Name Sc-Z

Rhys Barrow


Student Last Name Ji-Mo

Stephanie Paradee