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Questions? We're here to help. You can reach the FWHS main office at 253-945-5400 or search the directory below to find the contact information for a specific staff member.

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Merlyn Ahern

Choir Teacher

Craig Anderson

Social Studies Teacher

Pam Ashe

English Teacher

Katie Asher

Diya Bailey

Instructional Coach

Thomas Bannan

Athletic Director

Katie Barnash

Special Ed Teacher Functional Core

Rhys Barrow


Didier Basele Bokungu


Cynthia Bennett

Secretary Generalist - High School

Iman Bennour

Paraeducator FCP

Alanna Brookbank


Andy Cameron

Social Studies Teacher

Jal Caneva

English Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher

Monica Cannon

Resource Room SpEd Teacher

Julia Capone

Data Secretary

Jennifer Cervantes

Restorative Room Support Paraeducator

Carol Chandler-O'Neal

American Sign Language Teacher

Susan Clark

Social Studies Teacher

Jennifer Classen

Paraeducator FCP