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Welcome to the FWHS Athletics Page 

Federal Way Public Schools believes that activities and athletics are important choices to be offered in a comprehensive and challenging educational experience for all students. A student’s participation is a privilege. In order to represent the community, school, and self, Federal Way High School strongly believes and supports the FWPS athletic code.
Federal Way Public Schools works to address the needs of the whole student. For many students, athletic participation is part of a well-rounded education and teaches discipline and persistence–values that transfer into the classroom and fuel academic success.

FWHS Athletics promotes DISCIPLINE, RESPECT, AND RESPONSIBILITY among its student athletes and holds the perspective that we are students first and athletes second.

If you have further questions or comments please feel free in contacting our Athletic Director: John Yellam 253-945-5420.

Athletic Department Fax: 253-945-5597

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Sports Schedules

For sports schedules please go  

Athletics Forms

Athletics forms are available through Final Forms.

Fight Song

On Federal Way High
On to victory (clap, clap, clap)
Proud to fight for Blue and White
We shout our loyalty

Fight, fight, fight!
Stand all you Eagles
Raise your battle cry!
Stand up and cheer for all to hear
'Cause Eagles always do or die

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